Whiter Teeth? Yes, please!

Wishing your smile was just a little bit brighter? You’re not alone! Almost everyone experiences tooth discoloration. Fortunately, most people can count on getting excellent results from a variety of treatment options.

Many factors contribute to staining and the easiest solution is always prevention. Sadly, that would also mean giving up a lot of yummy foods and drinks! Because one simple rule is if it’s red, take caution. Read our previous post about how to prevent stains to wear your brightest smile. Read on for more information if, like most, you need a little more help to get back to bright.

Besides avoiding extrinsic causes like too much coffee or pasta with red sauce, preventing discoloration is sometimes intrinsic and beyond our control—like aging. And some necessary medications and even genetics can play a part. The good news is there are nearly as many ways to whiten your smile as there are root causes.

At home, develop and maintain a thorough dental hygiene routine, i.e., brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash twice a day. At the store opt for formulas that prioritize whitening, from specialty toothpaste to mouthwash to disposable strips. While these products can be effective, they take time and may not achieve enough of a result. And sometimes they may cause additional tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. For the best and most comfortable results, give us a call. We take care to avoid these potential issues.

Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry is proud to offer three different whitening options powered by Opalesence. Opalescence Teeth Whitening is the global leader in professional teeth whitening. Our dental team would be happy to match you with the best choice for you, from in-office treatment with super-fast results to a ready-to-go whitening product to custom trays providing maximum whitening potential over time.

In some cases, traditional over-the-counter and professional-grade whitening products might not be able to provide the results you want to see. Some discoloration can be embedded in the tooth structure itself and is not simply a stain to be removed. In these instances, bonding and/or veneers can restore a pearly smile to even better than it was before. Bonding is a little like a filling, a material is fused to the stained area of your teeth to change their color and sometimes their shape. Veneers put a thin shell of material over the entire front of your tooth to change its appearance.

If the color of your teeth changes suddenly without explanation or you simply want a whiter smile, please make an appointment to see us as soon as possible. Dr. Abrams will discuss which whitening treatment may work best for you to restore and rejuvenate your smile. At Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry, your smile begins here.