It’s Almost Halloween!

Is there are better time of the year in Franklin than fall? The crisp cool air, the colorful leaves, and the excitement that Halloween brings for the kiddos! Don’t let the fear of overeating sugary treats ruin the season!

Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry and Dr. Abrams want to lend some professional advice to help parents navigate the fun of Halloween while staying healthy, happy, and cavity free!

Use the following advice to prepare for the excitement of Halloween with your kiddos.

1- Make sure your kids eat a good meal before trick or treating. This will keep them full and reduce the amount of candy eating at the end of the night.
2- Have your kids separate their candy when they return and allow them to eat a piece from each category.
3- Set up an established system of how many pieces of candy your kids can have per day after Halloween.
4- The most important part. Brush thoroughly after eating candy and before bedtime!

While we love to see our patients, extra visits due to cavities are no fun. Remember to follow these easy steps this Halloween and have fun, Franklin!