Happy Retirement Dr. Burcham!

After 23 years as Downtown Franklin’s family dentist, Dr. Burcham is retiring. Earlier this year, after a long search, Dr. Burcham met Dr. Abrams. Understandably, Dr. Burcham wanted to find the right person to sell his practice to – someone that would carry on his legacy and someone that would provide the same level of superior dental care. To that end, Dr. Burcham hand-picked Dr. Abrams and entrusted Dr. Abrams with his dental practice. In April, Dr. Burcham sold his practice to Dr. Abrams and he officially retired on October 1, 2020. Let’s take a look back at Dr. Burcham’s long and distinguished career!

Dr. Burcham graduated from Harding University in 1974 and then graduated from dental school at Missouri at Kansas City. For a few years after, Dr. Burcham worked with his father Dr. J.R. Burcham in Missouri before moving to Florida and joining the practice of Dr. Hadley Hasemeir. Soon after, Dr. Burcham married his wife, Alice, and then opened a solo practice in 1982. Dr. Burcham, Alice, and their daughter Alicia moved to Franklin in 1996 and opened Dr. Burcham Dentistry a year later. The rest is history!

We know you have enjoyed many years of dental care with Dr. Burcham by your side, so please join us in wishing Dr. Burcham a long, healthy, and fulfilling retirement!

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