child at her dental appointment

What To Ask At Your Child’s Next Back-To-School Dental Appointment

Before we know it, school will be back in session! There are so many things that your child will need during the back-to-school season, and a dental appointment is one of them. Now is the time to start planning your child’s next dental appointment, and part of that planning will likely include some important questions to ask your dental team. We’ll help you curate the best list of questions in this blog.

What Will Happen During My Child’s Appointment?

There are a few questions that the ADA recommends you ask when your child goes in for a back-to-school dental appointment. First, you should ask if your child will receive a cleaning. This is a must, even if your child brushes well every single day. It’s not possible to get rid of all the plaque and build-up that can lead to cavities just by brushing twice a day. This is why the back-to-school appointment is so important. A professional cleaning goes a long way in removing more of the cavity-causing bacteria on your child’s teeth and even helps to keep your child’s gums healthy!

Next, ask if your child will need x-rays. Dentists use these x-rays to see how your child’s teeth are developing and to see if there is any tooth decay between your child’s teeth. However, your child won’t need x-rays at every visit.

Another question to be sure to ask is “should my child have dental sealants?” Your dentist may discuss this with you anyway, but it’s good to know about them if they don’t. Dental sealants are thin, protective coatings that seal the grooves in your child’s molars. Since most teeth have deep grooves when they first erupt in our mouth, it’s a good idea to seal the deep, plaque trapping grooves to prevent future cavities.

Will You Check My Child’s Mouthguard?

This is especially important for the back-to-school dental visit. If your child is an athlete, it’s very likely that they will be playing some kind of sport once the school year starts up again. Make sure you bring your child’s mouthguard to the appointment so that Dr. Abrams can check it for wear, tear, and fit. The mouthguard might need to be redone, especially if your child is going through a growth spurt, losing teeth, or gaining their adult teeth.

How Is My Child’s Overall Dental Health?

When your child comes into our office for their back-to-school dental appointment, Dr. Abrams will be looking at the big picture of your child’s mouth. This includes the health of their teeth and gums. He will check to make sure that the teeth are linking up correctly and that your child’s bite is in good shape.

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