Get a More Confident Smile with Invisalign® and Save $500!

Most adults grew up with a terrible impression of braces.

The results were great, but the process wasn’t. It was time consuming, uncomfortable, and not very attractive. Invisalign® has changed all that and become even more advanced since it first became mainstream. Gone are the frequent trips to the orthodontist’s office for an adjustment (or to replace a broken bracket), no more raw spots on the inside of your mouth or limits to what you can eat, and it is practically invisible. Any discomfort during treatment subsides quickly and is akin to how your muscles might feel after an intense workout.

Getting a winning smile with Invisalign® is an easy process.

After an initial consultation, we take any necessary x-rays, photos, and impressions to make models of your teeth. The process is simple and quick. Dr. Abrams will then custom design your smile and send all of this information to Invisalign to receive a series of plastic trays. You’ll wear each tray set for one week and then change to the next set of trays. As the trays make slight adjustments, your new smile begins to form. When treatment is complete, typically after 8-12 months, you will still need to wear retainers to maintain your great results for a period of time.

Most interested adults are perfect candidates for an Invisalign® smile.

At Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry, your smile begins here! Starting in August, we’re excited to offer our patients a special $500 discount off Invisalign®. Call us at (615) 595-6111 to schedule an appointment soon. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity for a more confident smile and $500 in savings!