why and how to floss

Floss the Teeth You Want to Keep

Is flossing a daily habit? If not, now is a good time to start! If you’re not already a regular flosser, make a commitment to do it every day for two weeks. We promise you will notice a difference, and it will provide additional motivation to continue until it becomes a habit.

Flossing is an easy way to improve your oral health with minimum effort and a lot of benefits, such as:
• Removes trapped food particles and plaque
• Reduces your risk of cavities
• Prevents gingivitis and periodontal disease
• Helps improve your breath.

Now a days, flossing is easier than ever. Aside from the traditional thread, there’s a variety of interdental cleaners to choose from. What is most important is to choose any method you will use with consistency.

• Traditional Floss
This in itself offers a variety of options: waxed or unwaxed, flavored or not, as well as an assortment of materials from PTFE (which resists shredding) to biodegradable silk.

• Dental Tape
Known for being wide and flatter than traditional thread, it doesn’t easily break and is good for wide spaces.

• Super Floss
Designed for dental appliances like braces and bridges, this holds up to tougher use and is also great for cleaning wide gaps.

• Floss Picks
These offer convenience on the go and are easy to use one-handed.

• Flossing Aids
A Y-shaped holder, it is akin to using a homemade floss pick with your choice of floss and removes the requirement of wrapping thread around your fingers.

• Air Floss
Uses strong puffs of air to clear out the space between your teeth.

• Water Floss
Uses a stream of water to flush the space between your teeth. New rechargeable, waterproof options now make it so you can even use it in the shower.

The best time of day to floss is before you go to bed. But do it before you grab your toothbrush. Flossing has the most impact when it comes first in your oral health routine. It is more effective at removing dental plaque, and it provides greater fluoride retention between your teeth.

Feel free to experiment with all the different options to find what you prefer. We’re also happy to review the pros and cons of each and make a personalized recommendation at your next appointment. We have Waterpiks and floss available to purchase at the office for your convenience.

So the next time we ask, “How often do you floss?” We hope you will reply, “Daily!”