Do Electric Toothbrushes Work Best?

Before electric toothbrushes, we were lucky to have the choice of soft or firm bristles. (For the record, the American Dental Association recommends soft.) Now there’s a lot more variety, including different types of electric. Is one really better than the other, and overall is electric that much better than manual? The most significant variable is actually you—the brusher. How you use your toothbrush is important! And it is a lot easier for an electric toothbrush to compensate for poor technique. Electric toothbrushes can also help you improve your technique with built-in timers and sensors that monitor pressure and the amount of time you spend in a given area. And with consistent use, they have been proven to reduce plaque and gum inflammation. Making sure you brush your teeth a full two minutes twice a day, is only the start of what makes a good routine. Choosing an electric toothbrush is the easiest way to go. No matter which brush you choose, it takes your best effort to get the best results, which includes remembering to floss!